SEIU Field Information Services Dept (DC)
 •  WhoopDeDupe Software  (new product)
 •  2009.12.09

QUESTION:  Is the software is working well?
ANSWER:  Yes, it works ridiculously well ...

Laborers District Council of MN and ND
 •  LIUNA Key Software
 •  2009.11.06

... we can keep track of contractors, jobs, employees, wage rates, etc and then we are able to annually submit them to the MN DOLI.  The software we are using [LIUNA Key] works really well for us.  Now, Brett Gurgel, who developed the software, has expanded the program to include online submission of federal prevailing wage forms.  We think that every other LIUNA local can benefit from this program.  ...  Brett has developed this software especially for us (LIUNA) because we have so many job descriptions and codes.

KY State Building and Construction Trades Council
 •  LaborKey Software
 •  2008.01.16

It [LaborKey] is a great product.

SEIU Political Department (DC)
 •  LaborKey Software
 •  2004.11.02

We at SEIU can't thank you enough for all of your help during this election.  In particular, we are grateful for the incredibly long hours you've put in and your consistent patience with all of us - even when we've been under deadline.  LaborKey is an integral part of the purple machine.  We look forward to continuing to work together.  Again, thank you!

Minnesota AFL-CIO
 •  LaborKey Software
 •  2003.02.10

LaborKey is an incredibly valuable tool for mobilization.

Colorado AFL-CIO
 •  LaborKey Software
 •  2002.10.07

If we win ['02 elections] a great part of our success will be due to you.