LIUNA Key Software

LIUNA Key is the one and only state and federal prevailing wage administration and reporting system customized for the Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA).  The Laborers District Council of Minnesota and North Dakota has been assisting us with the design and improvement of this software since 2002  (see also our TESTIMONIALS page).

LIUNA Key and IBEW Key are unique in that these products require construction site report data to be entered ONLY ONCE in the software for BOTH state prevailing wage surveys AND federal WD-10 wage surveys.  The software prepares, formats and date/time-stamps the data separately and differently for state and federal surveys, because both have different rules and require different information and different arrangements of data items.  A paper survey is produced for the state of Minnesota, while the Federal Department of Labor prefers electronically submitted data through their on-line form.  LIUNA Key automatically enters data on the federal electronic WD-10 form on the internet!  Each WD-10 form only requires a single confirmation click by the user.  To avoid browser compatibility issues, the WD-10 forms are displayed within a built-in embedded browser.  The entire reporting process is automatic, fast, and seamless.

With limited customization for each state, this software is practically ready for use for both state and federal wage surveys in states which submit "peak week" wage surveys to their states (e.g. Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Oregon, ...), and with a few additional adjustments the software can easily be customized to effectively track and report state prevailing wage surveys in about a half a dozen additional states.  It is ready out-of-the-box for any Laborers Council or Local which only requires a product to track and submit federal prevailing wage surveys on-line.
If you require assistance with reporting, our staff have been managing and submitting federal and state wage surveys for over 25 years, and we would love to help out.

To find out if LIUNA Key is the right product for you, request a demo.  Contact Steve Klonowski at steve@laborkey.com for info.