LaborKey Software

LaborKey is a membership mobilization management system, especially geared toward political mobilization of union members.  This product was designed to be integrated with existing union membership dues management systems.  LaborKey can be set up to automatically synchronize with multiple membership databases, providing a union office with an incredible amount of additional information about its members including voter history, district data, and candidate information.  Typically, no data entry is required in LaborKey because it automatically recognizes any changes to a member's account data in the dues management system (when a "synchronization" is performed).

LaborKey has powerful mobilization and communication tools including a turf-cutting feature which produces barcoded walksheets and integrated walk maps.  An entire list can be broken down into ideal turfs with a single click.  Information recorded in the field can be scanned back into LaborKey.

Possibly the most powerful feature of LaborKey is its very flexible data selection profile management capability which is interwoven throughout the software.  Together with all the many contact and analysis reports, this data selection capability provides the user with an incredible amount of information quickly and easily.

This software also provides the user with access to statewide registered voter data beyond the union's membership.  Additional data, such as other persons living in the same households as union members, can be automatically added to the LaborKey database at any time with a few clicks.  The LaborKey database is much more than just a union membership database.

Refer to our thorough  LaborKey 4.0 User Guide.

Download our most current  LaborKey 4.0.0049 setup.

For installation instructions, refer to our  LaborKey 4.0 Installation Guide.